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Project management



Work package aim is to form qualified working team that would assure methodical and well-timed implementation of aims and objectives of the project. Two level system of decision making and coordinating the project is established. Steering group (SG) will control the outputs and results of the “Balts’ Road” project, approve work plans and progress reports and etc. SG is established and comprised from representatives of each project partner. The Lead Partner, Šiauliai Tourism information centre, is responsible for making final decisions, related with the implementation of the project. However all decisions concerning activities of the project and financing must be discussed with all partners and the agreement or the protocol must be signed. The Lead Partner is responsible for appropriate communication between all partners and project implementation according to the activities discussed in the application form. Each partner takes responsibility for the audit. The conclusions of the auditor must be presented to the Lead Partner, whose responsibility is to prepare reports of project implementation. During implementation of the Project, work and responsibility is shared. The Lead Partner supervises the implementation of the project both in Lithuania and Latvia. The project administration structure allows implementing project tasks appropriately. All project partners are responsible for submitting all necessary documentation to administration team. The project management unit is made of 3 Project managers, 6 Project coordinators, 6 financial project managers (accountants, all partners). To define fluent project implementation, there are 5 work group meetings (not less than 2 with SG). During these meetings the actual conduct of operations is compared with the planned activities.


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