2020 August 09 05:30 Sunday
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Vilniaus g. 213 - 77, Šiauliai


About the object

The Dobele Local History Museum tells the history of Dobele Castle and the region. One part of its exhibition is dedicated to Semigallians focussing on the reconstructed Semigallian garments, authentic household items, jewellery and weapons. The museum hosts regular exhibitions and displays. A guided tour around the museum and outdoors will provide more information about the history of ancient Semigallians and Dobele.

Working hours

Tuesday – Friday       11.00-18.00Saturday                     11.00-16.00

Ticket prices

0,50€Free entry:

  • preschoolers
  • schoolchildren and accompanying teachers
  • disabled people
  • holders of the museum’s “Honor card”
  • creators of exhibits, their family members
  • holders of invitations
  • leaders of tourist groups
  • employees of Latvian museums, members of ICOM
  • free entry to special events, such as opening of exhibits
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