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About the object

The Beekeeping Museum introduces to the world of bees, their work the collection of honey and the peculiarities of life. In the museum, you can find out about the goddess Austėją, who appears as the mother of bees, and many legends and beliefs that tell about bees as holy beings.

Working hours

The museum will welcome visitors from May 1st until the 30th of September, daily (except Monday) from 10 am to 6 pm.
During the winter season, we only admit groups who have booked a museum tour in advance.

Orders for excursions are accepted by telephone: +370 61299560, +370 68612105

Ticket prices

Visiting the museum exposition for adults – 2 €
Pupils, students, pensioners and the disabled – 1 €.
Preschoolers – Free.
The cost of a tour for a group of up to 10 people is € 10, or € 1 per person for a group of over 10 people.
Excursion price in foreign language for group up to ten persons – 15 €, over ten persons – 1,50 € per person.

Tours are booked in advance!

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