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About the object

Active Tourism Centre “Couronian Viking settlement” in Grobiņa. From the 7th to the 9th century, Norsemen and Couronians co-existed on the banks of the River Ālande. During Viking Era, the plundering and trading Norsemen dominated European waters, but around 11th century Couronians became more active in the Baltic Sea. Nowadays, visitors are invited to take a boat trip along the River Ālande on a Couronian barge; during the trip, local history will be unveiled with the help of legends about the river and the great hillfort Skābarža kalns.

Working hours
May – October
III – IV 12:00–18:00;
V–VI    11:00–20:00;
VII       11:00–18:00;
Arrangements must be made in advance for a different time.
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