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Project realization



During project implementation period there will be arranged five working groups meetings. The main aims of the meetings: to make up detailed working plans for each stage of the project implementation, discus and evaluate the results of already carried out activities. More detailed subjects of the meetings defined in accordance to present situation and demand. Target groups: staff from every project Partners’ organisation – project managers and coordinators. Expected number of participants – 12 persons for each meeting. Three meetings will take place in Lithuanian territory and two others will be arranged in Latvia.


Awareness Raising of Balts’ Heritage

WP objective is to increase the knowledge and awareness raising about preservation of Balts’ tangible and intangible cultural and natural h e r i t a g e .

Working effectively and harnessing the power of marketing tools (brochures, maps) is an essential part of the project that i n f l u e n c e s  p e r s o n s  b e h a v i o u r .

WP is designed:

  • to promote dialog and cooperation among local authorities and stakeholders for promoting Balts’ natural and cultural heritages services;
  • to carry out local level the awareness raising about preservation of Balts’ tangible and intangible cultural and natural heritage;
  • to promote the diffusion of information about Balts’ tangible and intangible cultural and natural heritage;
  • to produce promotional materials for Balts’ Road and etc.

The main activities that will be carried out:

  • Image brochure.
  • Promotional tours for mass media representatives.
  • Tourism Map.
  • Participation in tourism fairs.
  • Informative seminars.
  • Annual event “Balts’ Unity Day”
  • Distribution of advertising materials

Project’s main output is the increase in expected number of visitors in Balts’ Road area inspired by promotional activities.


Development of innovative Balts’ heritage tourism product

The objective of this work package is to develop new innovative and sustainable touristic product.

The main activities, that will be carried out: Realization of ICT solutions for joint routes, products and services (creating interactive tourism products).

Siauliai Tourism information centre is responsible for establishment of Innovative Centre of Ancient Balts Cognition.

Jelgava City Council is planning to establish modern exposition “The Evolution of Folk Costumes in Zemgale”.

Talsi County Municipality will establish new modern exposition about Baltic tribes history until 16th century and create “Curonians route in Talsi region” – digital touristic route map with more than 60 places.


The main output is the increase in expected number of visits at established new innovative centres. There will be implemented measures to keep visitors statistics. In this way it will be possible to analyze visitors streams, their demands, behavior and etc. more effectively.

There will be created a modern exposition about Balts’ tribes history until 16th century when Curonians lived in western parts of Latvia and Lithuania. Seeking to present history of Curonians using different tools and to give various benefits to target groups, comprehensive digital map will be created as well. Every ICT solution will be equipped with modern, interactive measures, like interactive displays, touch screens, personal computers, kinects, web cameras, head sets and etc.


Quality improvement and diversification of tourism products and services

WP is fundamental for the next steps towards the establishment of “Balts’ Road”. The gained experiences in this respect will be unique and of the highest value for the local stakeholders in figuring out the function of such a partnership. According to this, WP objective is to improve quality and to ensure diversification of cultural tourism services, products and accessibility.

WP is designed:

  • to consolidate information on Balts’ activities in Latvian-Lithuanian cross border regions;
  • to test the effectiveness and sustainability of a partnership of local communication, stakeholders, SMEs, tourism entrepreneurs specializing in Balts’ issues;
  • to assess the feasibility of establishing cultural rout “Balts’ Road” on this partnership.

Furthermore, WP identifies: potential providers, users of the information in cross border area, needs of the general public regarding information on Balts’ behaviour and ethics, and gaps in the existing provision of information and services.

The main activities that are carried out:

Feasibility studies preparation, Trainings for stakeholders “Balts Road Service” organising, Participation in Business and Achievement exhibitions.

The main goal of feasibility study is to identify the opportunities and understand the case for future investment solutions on cultural Balts’ Road that would improve connectivity between Latvia and Lithuania regions, and that are deliverable, affordable and offer value for income (especially from visitors stays). Feasibility study will identify, which tourism resources – cultural and natural heritage can be adopted and used as the key sites for Balts’ Road.

Feasibility study aims are:

  • to search and identify Balts’ heritage sites in project partners regions;
  • to prepare the basis for a new tourism product (road) developing, road planning;
  • to carry out the current situation about tourism objects (infrastructure, service and products) in the planned Balts’ Road zone.
  • to prepare proposals for the implementation of the existing tourism objects in the new road.
  • to make full development of Balts’ Road, prepare descriptions, information, stories and advice, guide.
  • to develop of creative stories (attractive stories based on the original stories in history, but interpreted according to nowadays trends in tourism for product and road development) about Balts’ Road sites.

During activities a catalog of “Balts’ Road” service (product) provider will be gathered and advertised in partners website. Intangible outputs and results will be owned and used by the partners, whilst tangible services/ infrastructures will be owned directly by the entities that will have set up them.

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