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Project publicity


The main aims of Communication WP are:

  • to disseminate information about the project, its objectives, the approaches and results;
  • to facilitate collaboration and information exchange between relevant communities to create communication channels with stakeholders, communities and business for disseminating the project deliverables;
  • to ensure that the products of the project live on in a commercial context and etc.


WP is combined with different kind of activities:

  • Communication WP activities will ensure the sustainability and durability of project results. For this aim, seminar for society will be organised to introduce the various products developed during the project, including the information and the newly created access to many natural and cultural Balts’ heritage sites.
  • Some Communication WP activities will communicate and disseminate project deliverables to the public. Booklets will be produced in all regions on exciting natural heritage sites. These will be distributed in tourist information centres, tourism fairs, etc to inform the visitors of the possibility to visit fascinating areas in the environment they have arrived in.
  • In addition social media will be actively used to further promote the products developed during the project. This will be done not only via regional channels, but nationals also.


Project specific objectives:

  • Increasing of the knowledge and raising of awareness about preservation of Balts’ tangible and intangible cultural and natural heritage. Information about “Balts’ Road”, provided in website, will increase the knowledge and raise awareness about preservation of Balts’ tangible and intangible cultural and natural heritage.
  • Development of new innovative and sustainable tourism product. Prepared articles, TV reportages and other mass media advertising tools in regional and national level, website information will contribute to knowledge and raise demand to visit new innovative and sustainable tourism products, established in project area.
  • Improvement of quality and assurance of diversification of cultural tourism services, products and accessibility. Informative seminars will be organized for representing whole project activities and results for Lithuanians and Latvians will increase knowledge about advantages of participating in a new touristic road, develop opportunities to continue activities and etc.

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