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About us



Budget office Šiauliai Tourism Information Centre (TIC) is a non-profit institution, the aim of which is to satisfy public interests through activity useful to the public. Šiauliai TIC provides information to guests and city residents about history, places of interest, events, tourism services and possibilities of Šiauliai city and Šiauliai region. It also organizes events of the city and carries out various communication projects related to image building of Šiauliai city, promotion of identity of local population and increase of tourists’ flows. Since 2002, Šiauliai TIC has been a member of the Lithuanian Association of Tourist Information Centres.

Tourism Information Centres Association of Lithuania (since 2002); Šiauliai Association of Industrialists (since 2015); Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (since 2015).
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